The Name Game

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The Name Game

Post  High Voltage on Wed Nov 05, 2008 1:00 am

High Voltage and Tropic Thunder are shown entering the building through the main wrestlers entrance. They are walking next to each other and are both holding bags in their hands.

High Voltage: "Yo dawg I was thinkin' how comes we never get no tag team action?"

Tropic Thunder: "Good question soldier. One I can't really answer."

High Voltage: "Ya think it's cause ma beef with Silent?"

Tropic Thunder: "Probably not. It seems like preventing you from getting a title shot is his way of dealing with you right now."

High Voltage: "Word yo."

The two men enter the locker room. Tropic goes directly to his locker, opens it, and begins to take out his gear for the night. Voltage throws his bag on the ground in front of his locker and starts to drum a beat on the bench.

High Voltage: "Ayo ayo ayo. Me and ma homie Trop up in this joint, messing with da GM so that he gets ma point. Sayin' we wanna jump in some tag team action, it seems like we aint gonna get no reaction. Winnin' matches is da name of da game-"

Thunder jumps up from his bench and slams his locker door.

Tropic Thunder: "That's it!"

High Voltage: "Dawg, you interuptin' me spitting some fire to say dats it?"

Tropic Thunder: "Listen for a second soldier, I know why we haven't had any tag team matches yet."

High Voltage: "Oh word? Aight than spill."

Tropic Thunder: "We haven't made a name for our alliance."

Voltage pauses, letting what Thunder just said develop a little bit.

High Voltage: "Damn yo! You right! Aight than, we gotsta think of one."

Both men sit down and become quiet for what seems like an eternity obviously deep in thought.

Tropic Thunder: "I got one! The CJ Soldiers!:

High Voltage: "CJ? What dat stand fo'?"

Tropic Thunder: "CJ is concrete jungle because I grew up in Vietnam and you grew up in New York City."

High Voltage: "Word yo thats hot. But one thing has gotta change. It aint soldiers, its souljas."

Tropic Thunder: "Fine with me."

The two men stand up and do their awkward handshake which has now become the official CJ Souljas handshake.
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