Monica finds The Chronic in the locker room

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Monica finds The Chronic in the locker room

Post  The Chronic on Thu Nov 06, 2008 1:25 am

Monica walks into the locker room, where she finds The Chronic. He is doing push ups in preparation of his match.

Monica : Hello there Chronic, do you have some time for us?

The Chronic looks up and gets to his feet.

The Chronic: Of course, Monica, for you I always have time.

Monica giggles a bit.

Monica: Well that's good to know. Tell me Chronic, how were your first weeks in our federation?

The Chronic: Really fantastic. These are my first steps into professional wrestling and most people have been great.

Monica: Most people?

THe Chronic: There are a lot of cocky wrestlers that think they are everything out there. I hope I will be able to put them in their places one day.

Monica: Tell me, Chronic, how do you feel about you match against ubermensch this evening.

The Chronic: Let me start by saying this: I went trough years of training in the PowerPlant and now I'm here. Lots of people out there don't know yet know me, but I guarantee you they will be cheering my name as they get to know me. I realise I have a lot to proof and promise you I will give myself more than a 100% every match i fight. And by doing so you will see me rise to the top.

The Chronic looks straight into the camera and points at it.

The Chronic: You all heard me? This boy is going straight to the top in this federation.

Monica: I have no doubts you will. But do you believe you will be able to beat Ubermensch?

The Chronic: It's gonna be a tough one. I respect Ubermensch en recognize he also is a very good wrestler. But I do believe I can beat him.

Monica: There are a lot of people saying you are no match for Ubermensch. How do you feel about that?

The Chronic: I don't know. I hope I can prove them wrong.. And if they're right, he will have to go trough hell before he will be able to pin me.

Monica: I wish you good luck for tonight and am looking forward to our next interview.

The Chronic: Always welcome! I'm happy to be here.

The chronic looks straight into the camera again and has a few more words for the fans.

The Chronic: Y'all remember my name now! Because I ain't going nowhere!

The Chronic resumes preparing himself for his match against Ubermensch, as Monica leaves the room.

The Chronic

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