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Find any thing?

Post  D''rock on Fri Nov 07, 2008 2:06 am

(Camreas showing a big blue Dumbster with trash flying out all over the place in the parking lot out side of the arena and D'Rock's Voice is being heard from inside the Dumbster.)

D'Rock: "Mickey. find any good cheese in there for yea? (Sqeek!) Keep Digging I am sure we can find some good cheese from Lunch early on from the day."

(Then the dumbster lids open up. Showing D'Rock holding mickey with both hands.)

D'Rock:" We Are sting rich Mickey all the Cheese that we can eat. (Sqeek From Mickey with glee) Now Lets get out of this Dumb and go to our locker room and eat in peace.

(D'Rock and Mickey get out of the Dumbster and D'Rock puts mickey back in the cage and a bag full of Cheese and Takes off to their Locker to eat it in peace.)

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