Akahana Xandre's Gimmick

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Akahana Xandre's Gimmick

Post  Akahana on Fri Nov 07, 2008 7:39 pm

Superstar Name: Akahana Xandre

Nickname: "The Defending Rose"

Superstar Type: Technique

Superstar Height: 5'6

Superstar Weight: 140 lbs.

Superstar Age: 20

Face/Heel/Tweener: Face

Superstar Attitude: Shy quiet character by nature. Very Tranquil does not brag or sound cocky.
Entrance Song: Flyleaf “Fully Alive”
I found an embed code for this song on dailymotion. No Doubt "Just a girl" is my second choice
Superstar's History:

Daughter of the very dangerous and volatile Jake Hammer also a Professional Wrestler. Akahana got wrestling training at the age of 13.Akahana raised by a single mother in Japan. She loves to wrestle because it brings her closer to her father. Akahana short wrestling career has very few highlights besides her almost permantly banned Flying facebuster to deathlock. Akahana was the runner up for most promising Second Generation superstar Award. Akahana Is credited with having great managerial skills probably from her background has Camp councilor and Pilates Instructor. The two men she managed did succeed at winning a championship. Akahana is on a quest to follow her Path in this universe, which right now leads to understanding her roots. Championships at this stage have little to no importance to Akahana because she would rather see an athlete greatly improve his skills and learn something about himself. Akahana does not like big match situation to her a wrestling match is merely a chance to exercise and teach somebody else their limits.

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