Akahana first interview

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Akahana first interview

Post  Akahana on Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:13 pm

Interviewer: During last week’s attack on Silent Knight a single Diamond earring was dropped.
Akahana was that your Earring that was found near Silent Knight?

(Akahana looks at the camera and says with a straight face)
Akahana: It was not me. I know about has much has you do about last week’s attack. I do have an alibi to prove my where bouts around the time of the attack.
Interviewer: Akahana any last minute comments before you go and face D”Rock.Inc.
(Akahana is a bit shocked)
Akahana: He is the real deal a solid wrestler this should be a very competitive match. I honestly had no idea my first match was against him. I really wish I had a bit more time to prepare for this match. Interviewer: So Akahana what can we expect from you in this match.Akahana: You will see me using what I was taught to help push D”Rock.Inc a bit further than he thought we would go. I am prepare to wrestle here tonight.
Interviewer: Akahana do you have any other messages for the Fans?
Akahana: “Um yea wish me luck I am going to need it,” while Akahana nervously chuckles.
Crowd chants,” You can do it, you can do it, you can do it.”Akahana: Well they do not even know my name yet and they already are cheering for me. When the crowd is behind you, you have nothing to worries about. I am not the kind of Girl who lets people down. Interviewer: well there you have it a very focus Akahana Xandre


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