After Xstream Showdown, 2008-11-6 (Meet with The Saint)

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After Xstream Showdown, 2008-11-6 (Meet with The Saint)

Post  Sagara on Sat Nov 08, 2008 6:02 am

His match versus The English Bruiser is just ended, with his first victory in this Roster.
Sagara crosses the Gorilla's Position, and meets the lovely Monica, towering on her.

Congratulations for ur first match in XEW!
Congratulations? For what? For the pain I've caused? For the pain I've suffered?
Sorry, Lady... but there's no reason to be happy.

Sagara walks away, leaving a speechless Monica, with his rude behaviour.
While walking, Sagara imperceptibly shakes his head, murmuring something.

<<Stupid man, no reason to be happy? U've experienced pain, is there something better?>>
<<Should I be happy for it? After all I've seen in this years?>>
<<Oh, u're not unable to enjoy life... pain makes u feel alive. Strong causing it, eager to get stronger suffering it.
It shakes your bones... and u like it. U live for it...>>
<<Shut Up!!!>>

Sagara's voice echoes in the hallway, but nobody is there to hear it... at least, until he notices someone is around.
He sees a blonde winged guy, in front of the locker room, eyes closed, seeking for concentration.
His face transmits a sense of tranquillity, of calm.
Sagara feels a sort of immaterial aura surrounding him.. it goes beyond his comprehension.
Sagara looks at it... both envy and curious.

The winged guy finally opens his eyes, ready for the main event of that night.. their gazes cross just for an instant.. the camera witnesses it, and a not so far TSK do it, as well.

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Re: After Xstream Showdown, 2008-11-6 (Meet with The Saint)

Post  The Saint on Sun Nov 09, 2008 4:44 pm

After the last match of the Thurday Xtream Showdown,. The Saint keeps the T.V title in his hand and make his way back to the backstage . Monica come toward me to get the impression of that fight.

Monica : Hey Saint ! Still undefeated in XEW, what’s your impression ?

The Saint : God Damn another draw today , disappointing , … very … disp….
I was controlling the fight, Love couldn’t do nothing against my attacks, maybe I play too much and didn’t fight quickly .
Maybe it was the last fight of the night and referee was tired and want to go home earlier hehe.
Anyway It wasn’t a big show from me, I wasn’t at 100% of my capacity but I still have the T.V title Wink sorry love next time I would love to win at loyal no with a draw… if you want I can gives you rematch , I am a honorable man .

Monica : You have a great sense of morality and fairplay , so nice …
I already get the Monday card show from the Boss, it seems that your next opponent will be the new comers Sagara , how do you feel about it ?

The Saint : So Sagara a new comers in XEW,I don’t know him very well, it was the guy who having the fight before me , I see , I saw some part of his fight I was concentrate in my match , it was good, very powerful , I should take care of his moves Monday. I wish him to do well in this fed , but I will not let him win so easily on Monday’s Show, new comers or not , I’m very upset to get a draw in last show ,my fans too , even you seems very powerful and stronger than me , I didn’t fear you , I need to get my fans back so I will do a great show and I will train for that ! So be ready Sagara!

Monica : Thank you the Saint , it’s always a pleasure to have you in interview , you always take the time for it . If you guys are fan of the Saint too , follow his next battle on Monday show against Sagara, will be a great match for sure . Good evening everyone, it was Monica from Xtream Showdown , bye bye !

The Saint

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