Monica goes to Wendigo

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Monica goes to Wendigo

Post  rustedangel on Sat Nov 08, 2008 5:35 pm

Camera lights on. Monica is going to Wendigo's locker room. Door seems frozen, she knocks.
Wendigo open, immediately a very cold breeze goes outside room.
"What has happened Wendigo, you seems more pale then usual..."
"I'm preparing for the match"
"So you will go against Black Machismo#1 , a new promise in XEW"
"Another trick by The Silent Knight. He put against me a very strong man, hoping to crush me.
But i know how causing pain to Black Machismo#1. My arms now are frozen, so my mortal hug will cause more pain and damage.
Wendigo's Wrath will drain all his strenght, so the Nort Wind will end the match and Black Machismo#1 carrier"

"Good luck Wendigo"
"No luck, it's Cthulhu masterplan, Great Ancients will rise on XEW"
Camera fade off


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