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Monica's answer

Post  Talladega Cash on Sun Nov 09, 2008 9:10 pm

The camera follows Talladega Cash as he looks backstage for Monica. He finds her near the hospitality table.

Talladega: Monica, I have been looking for you since the last show. You haven’t been hiding from me, have you?

Monica: No, I haven’t been hiding Talladega. I’ve just been thinking about what you said.

Talladega: OK. That’s what I like to hear. Got an answer for me?

Monica: I thought about it. You are a nice guy but, I don’t want to mix business and pleasure. At this stage in my career, I don’t want to get involved with some I am in business with. You understand?

Talladega: I can dig it, sweet thing. You are a businesswoman and I, most definitely, am a businessman. I have to be big business to have an entourage like this around me. But listen, I don’t get involved with people I do business with either. But, I do business with people that I am involved with so, we can still get this party started!

The Chronic walks by and notices the exchange in words…

The Chronic: I think the lady said no, buddy!

The Chronic places his hand on Talladega’s shoulder. Talladega smacks Chronic’s hand away. Talladega looks toward The Chronic.

Talladega: Look, you don’t put your hands on me unless you want to step in the ring! *He then turns back to Monica.* My apologies, baby. If you told me you had a boyfriend, I wouldn’t have approached you.

Monica: He’s not my b…

*Placing his finger over Monica’s mouth* Shhh, I know how it is when you are presented with the opportunity to have all of this. Talladega will make the most committed woman follow him home. But, I have standards. I never dig for diamonds in another man’s mine. Sorry, I have to take my invitation back. Come on, ladies. *Talladega turns to The Chronic.* I’ll see you in the ring, chump.

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