Nice new car

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Nice new car

Post  Akahana on Tue Nov 11, 2008 9:28 pm

Bruno:Nice new car there. I wonder who has just arrived.

Mysterious person:The front door of the silver steel beutity opens. A person with a Red beannie leaves the car.
I swear these crazy fans wnating my autograph every time I go to a deli to grab a bite to eat si very annoying. I am going to have to get somebody to bring me food pretty soon.
(a rat starts sqeaking loudily then a grey big fat pack rat is seem running out towards the locker room.)
Akahana: screaks aww we have rats here. I ahte rats I refuse to work at another rat infested place I am past those days.I have lost my appetite now. ( She throws the deli samwitch into the Dumpster.)

Jim Correnette: She is taking out her cell phone and cussing at somebody.

Akahana: Silent Knight you said this federtaion was on the up and up why do we have rats in this venue. I hate rats you should have somebody sparry for them. I will nto work under these conditions. and Have somebody bring me a salad I am hungry. My samwitch went bad because of a mob of people. You need to start payign me mor emoney so Ic an hire my own personal security gruads this one guy tried to touch my boobs I knocked him out.

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D'Rock hidding in the dumbster listing

Post  D''rock on Thu Nov 13, 2008 2:06 am

(Then the camrea kinda still focused on her but catches D'Rock Hidding in the dumbster listening to her talking on her cell as she walks away. And D'Rock wiphers to mickey)

D'Rock:"ssshhh mickey. you don't want her to hear us do u?
Look how beatiful she is? soon she should be all mine. But how do I get her attention? (D'Rock pauses for a min for thinking) Hummmm......... I wornder what favoret dish is? Quik mickey duck down, I think she saw us?????

(D'Rock ducks down and qitly shuts the dumbster lid down.)

(camrea focus back on her)

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