Place to ttank GM TSK and give him a good send off

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Place to ttank GM TSK and give him a good send off

Post  Akahana on Thu Nov 13, 2008 1:09 am

I would personally like to thank you for your effort and your trust in me. Somehow some way I feel like this curse of nevering workign logner than a season will hang over my wrestling career for the rest of my days. I am glad you put real lfie first. Soemthign i can't seem to be able to do I am either playing hardcore or working ahrdcore I just never reach a balance. I am glad youa re nto some 19 year old plus with no job gave up on college basically a co depend lowlife liek myself. I wish it could have been longer but life is never fair. The wrestling game is borring and sucks and the gap between the top fifty players and the 200 othe ractive player will continue to grow. I said that last Decmember why because your mangement is on profit not game play. You are a bunch of heartless gm staff find balcklist em I quit. So ended my Space Federation galactic Conquest career. which is a dying game. I feelt he wrestligng am eis int he same position and there is no way in hell that they will fix it and this game is took and going extinct before it's 3 year anniversary. Knight youa nd I agree totally. Effort doesn't account for shit. Some fo you guys I would love toa dd to my friend slist Ic ould ehlp you with your role plays maybe even give advice ony oru wrestler. I wonder if a reunion will ever take place it almost happened for Blackthorn wrestling. I think we couold have become prettyc lsoe a fe wof us active players. I really hope that you actiev guiys don't become rift wood just yet maybe in a few months when your supporte ris up then consider it like I am. In april I will rpoabably leave the site. Today is a dark day for me.

good luck everyone.

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