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D'Rock Gimmick

Post  D''rock on Sat Oct 25, 2008 1:19 am


Home Town:Unknowen Alberta Canada,

Back ground: I was a normal wrestler. I started with a fed WOF. I had a story line that some one came and burned my face. causeing me to retire from wrestling for good. But then another guy came and ask me to help him out in a deffrentt fed. But he gave me the Lamest push ever and so I waited for that contract to exspire and Now I am here. I have a pet rat named Mickey. he come with me where ever I am at. back stage in the Dumbsters or in my coner in the ring. he is in a cage most of the time. he onley comes out if I am back stage doing promos or in the dumbsters.

Gimmick:I wear a black mask, Black tank top shirt and balck leather pants and black boots. My Pet rat is named mickey. I keep him in a cage. and he goes every where I am at.

I am a heel. And my wepon is a base ball bat and it's black. My gimmick is mixed with Mankind and the Undertaker and a little bit of Terry funk.

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