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Finaliser intro

Post  finaliser on Sat Oct 25, 2008 10:40 am

Name: The Finaliser

Type: Strong

Heel or Face: Heel

Age: 18

Weight: 115 kg or 253 Lbs

Height: 185cm or 6 foot

Info: The Finaliser comes from a family of Wrestling gods. His pedigree alone is impresive and suggests he will be a champion. He has been trained by his father from the age of 5 and has a perfectly sculpted body. He is good and he know's it. His cocky, Confident in your face attitude doesn't normally mix well with fans or other wrestlers. He talks a big game but can back it up with intense training and strong Performances. He is fresh out of the amature ranks where he won everything and had no respect for his opponents. This has seemed to carry over to his profesional carrer.


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