'The Electrifying One' Lateau

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'The Electrifying One' Lateau

Post  Lateau on Sun Oct 26, 2008 9:49 pm

Heel or face? Back in the old era Lateau would have been considered to be a cocky heel. Always cutting his opponents down with one liners and winning matches that he had no right to. Through the attitude era Lateau would have been considered a face for exactly the same reasons. Only two things are certain, one Lateau will annoy most wrestlers; two he will never quite get his. Now for some facts...

Name: Lateau
Age: 26
Style: Balanced

Titles: Level 2 (x1); Level 5 (x5); Level 6 (x2); Level 8 (x6)
Finishers: Can't Breath in Space. Depth Charge. Nowhere to Go

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