The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship (TT & HV)

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The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship (TT & HV)

Post  Tropic Thunder on Mon Oct 27, 2008 5:05 am

((This was written with help from High Voltage))

Tropic Thunder's is seen hopping out of his army style Humvee. He closes his door and pauses for a moment taking a deep breath, obviously nervous due to the fact he was Xstream Entertainment's newest wrestler. He began making his way towards the door to the main building, but couldn't help but find out where the music he was hearing was coming from. He looked down one row of cars and saw a fellow wrestler rocking back and forth to a rap song. He decided to approach the man, figuring being somewhat personable would be a good strategy in his new federation.

Tropic Thunder: "Nice car you got there."

Thunder was referring to the 2009 BMW, all blacked out with chrome rims.

High Voltage: "Ayo, thanks dawg. Finally gettin' some respect around here fo' my fresh whip. You like these rims yo? Twenty-twos baby, TWENTY-TWOS!"

Tropic Thunder: "Yeah, uh, nice rims. So listen I'm new here, the name's Tropic Thunder."

High Voltage: "Trop whats crackin' my man, High Voltage representin'.

Thunder puts his hand out for a handshake but is taken back when High Voltage does a sort of street handshake ending with him bumping his shoulder against Thunder's.

High Voltage: "True true. Aight so listen, since your new here I'ma show you all da hot spots 'round here."

Tropic Thunder: "I appreciate it but how do I know that I can trust you soldier?"

High Voltage: "That ain't soulja boy playin'. And you can trust me cause I said you can trust me you dig?"

Tropic pauses for a moment weighing his options. Realizing this would be the only friend he could make his whole time here, he nods. Voltage turns his car off and closes his trunk.

High Voltage: "Aight then, lets roll out yo."

Voltage spins his hat to the side and the two make their way towards the door.

Tropic Thunder

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