An interview with 'The Electrifying One'

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An interview with 'The Electrifying One'

Post  Lateau on Tue Oct 28, 2008 2:30 pm

*The Camera pans in to reveal Lateau sitting comfortably, dressed in white and sipping on a glass of orange juice*

Interviewer: So Lateau there has been a lot of hype around yourself and here you are talking to me today. Have you signed a contract with Xstream Entertainment Wrestling?

Lateau: Yes Lateau is here, but this talk of contracts is a little early. Lateau not signed anything at this stage. *takes another sip*

Interviewer: But why then has our esteemed General Manager put you in a match on thursday night?

Lateau: Well that is because your GM has got half a brain cell after all. Lateau wanted to come along and see the so-called talent for himself and decide whether or not XEW is the place for his talents when the GM decided to put Lateau in the right with...
*looks at name on card*
Lateau: Topic Thunder

Interview: It is Tropic Thunder and I for one cannot wait for that debut

Lateau: Topic, Tropic it doesn't matter as the end result will always be the same. They will crawl along and try and get a jump on Lateau but forget that when you play with are in for a shock!

Interview: I wonder if you are being a little premature Mr. Electricity...Tropic Thunder grew up in Vietnam and has military training. How will you possibly counter that?

Lateau: You forget jerky that Lateau is a master of all trades. When in doubt Lateau will take this battle out of the atmos, and everyone knows that you can't breath in space Thank you, Thank you so much

*The camera fades to black with Lateau grinning*


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