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The Saint Interview

Post  The Saint on Tue Oct 28, 2008 3:38 pm

Monica: Hi everyone fans of XEW, today we’ll interviewed The Saint...
Let’s go to his locker room.

Monica and his cameraman go to the backstage , looking for his room knock and enter .

Nice too meet you the Saint, we are reporter of XEW, and do you have some free time to share your impression for your debut in XEW.

The Saint: Yep, comes on take a seat, I was thinking to train for the next show but I can wait little bit. Sorry for my fans my English is not good, hope everyone understand our conversation ha-ha!

Monica: thanks Wink, well first of all, what great match yesterday? It was your first battle since your new in XEW, Silent knight will certainly impress by your capacity.

The Saint : well yes, it was a tough match, I’m surprised myself , high voltage is very good wrestler, very fast , it was difficult to block him , during all the match I suffer from his attacks but I try to resist and I wait to find the good moment to attack him and make my special finisher.

Monica: Cool, I’m sure our Boss is impressed by your talent and your match yesterday. Do have something to say?

The Saint: Well I’m very happy to win yesterday but it’s just the beginning and many difficult battles wait for me. I will do my best to be the stronger wrestler in XEW. I want to thanks Silent Knight for his trust on me, to let me join XEW , I will not disappoint him, I like this new fed, everyone is cool out there and I enjoy a lot and I will put my energy to make this fed number 1 .

Monica: Great thoughts! I just saw that you wrestling in Thursday too.

The Saint : Yeah , I was just informed few hours ago , I think I fight Zunga , well, Our VGM didn’t give me a easy match again . Zunga is very strong; I don’t know how I can beat him, very resistant and talented. My percentage of winning is very low, but I’ll do my best like always and maybe I can surprise again.

Monica: I wish good luck the Saint for the Thursday show. Everyone is looking at your performance. I’m very pleased and honored to get interview from you. Thanks for your time.

The Saint: Thanks Monica, you are nice reporter, I gonna training hard for the Thursday and find a way to beat Zunga. Thanks for the fans supporting me! I love my fans. and before ending this interview I want to say something , I got a crushed yesterday , I LOVE YOU Leticia Cline !!!

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