Chronic vs johncena24

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Chronic vs johncena24

Post  The Chronic on Wed Oct 29, 2008 1:48 am

*The Chronic walks in TsK's office*

"Hello Chronic, how can I help you?"

"Hey boss, first off all I'd like to congratulate you on yesterdays show & giving me a chance to prove myself."

"Well that's what I'm here for. Putting together great shows & helping the wrestlers improve their careers. Nice win you had by the way."

"Thanks, but there something is bothering me though."

"Tell me..."

"I don't know if you heard him, but johncena24 was dreaming everybody is scared of him. Ain't that funny? Somebody should kick his ass back into reality! I hate people that are full of themselves. I want a one on one with john!

It's up to you, boss..."

The Chronic

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