Big bad bobo discusses contenders before their match

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Big bad bobo discusses contenders before their match

Post  bobo on Thu Oct 30, 2008 5:44 am

Big Bad Bobo Slowly makes his way to the ring. Limping slightly still feeling the effects from last weeks match

Bobo Takes a few seconds to absorb the atmosphere before Grabbing a mic
Bobo: Last week I Went through hell In a Brutal ladder match with Tank and Spank. I went into to that match last week as a nobody, unheard of, a rookie at best but by god I left that match a Legend! Can you see this title right here?"
Bobo strokes his title upon his shoulder.

Bobo:This belt right here, shows the fact that I am one of the best on this roaster, If not the best and not one of you back their will take this from me! This is Bobos Time to shine., My time to dominate! I Don’t care what has to be done I shall do it, I don’t care if you fans like it or not!"

The fans start to Boo

Bobo:Now getting to the little matter of the match between ubermensch and xXNeMeSiSXx. I Don’t care what gm TSK says I don’t believe either u deserve a shot at my title.”

Fans start to sing " who are you, who are you"

Bobo: Do not interrupt me again.

The crows boo's become deafening

Bobo: So were was I? Oh yes, Ubermensch, xXNeMeSiSXx, use both better be on your A-game because I’ll be watching and use have allot of impressing to do.“.

Big Bad Bobo drops the mic and leaves the ring. Walks slowly back up the ramp with his limp to a packed house booing


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Re: Big bad bobo discusses contenders before their match

Post  xXNeMeSiSXx on Fri Oct 31, 2008 4:44 am

As The Big Bad Bobo makes his way up the ramp, the arena lights begin to flicker and sparks fly out from the TitanTron with a loud bang causing him to stop in his tracks. There is a sudden chill in the air and the sound of some eerie music begins to fill the arena. The crowd is a bit puzzled as to what is happen as it almost seems as if there are some technical difficulties with the show.

The Titantron begins to flicker on and off going from static to blackness back to static and then to blackness once again. Suddenly we see the face of an eerie being appear on the Titantron. His eyes are cold and yellow. He stares out from the Titantron with no emotion on his face. He begins to speak in a deep ominous tone revealing two large fangs.

xXNeMeSiSXx: " just a few short days, I shall be coming for you to avenge the sins that you have committed against your fellow mortal man. Your pathetic and weak idle threats mean nothing coming from a mere mortal such as yourself. You sold your soul and sinned against your fellow man in order for you to claim a mere material possession and the time grows near for you to pay for your sins."

Nemesis pauses for a moment as the crowd begins to cheer for him while Bobo look on at the Titantron.

xXNeMeSiSXx: "Rest assured I have no use for that title you hold so dearly other than the fact to take from you what you hold so dear to your heart. Soon, you will feel the pain and agony of all those you sinned against and I will take you down to the depths of hell and torture your pathetic soul and not only take away yout title, but your pride and dignity as well. By the time all the dust settles and the smoke clears, you shall be left with will be nothing more than a broken and beaten mortal man...just a shell of what you once were. Then, and only then shall your debt to your fellow man be paid in full. So it has been written...and so shall it be done. For I am the god of divine intervention.....son of Zeus....and I will be...your.....Nemesis!"

With that, the Titantron flickers to static then back to Nemsis, then to static back to black as a wal of flames ignite on top the entrance ramp. We hear the sound od evil laughter fade away into nothingness as the flames extinguish and everything resumes back to normal.


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