What's pimpin', playas!

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What's pimpin', playas!

Post  Talladega Cash on Thu Oct 30, 2008 6:58 am

Name: Talladega Cash
Age: 19
Origin: Atlantic City, NJ
Alignment: Face
Height: 5'11'
Weight: 190 pounds
Them Song: Pimpin' Ain't Easy

Overall Gimmick: Talladega was born under the name Craig Frazier to two hard working parents in Atlantic City, NJ. He was raised to be a upstanding citizen but, the bright lights of the strip took over his vision. He dropped out of high school, where he was a promising amateur wrestler, and looked to the streets for his education. He starting doing small time hustles and even pimping to make money as he did have a way with the women. This was when he started using the moniker "Talladega," as in fast life, and "Cash" is self-explanatory.

Details of what actually happened next are sketchy. Hospital reports say that Craig was unconscious when he was admitted. When he came to, his memory wasn't completely revived. As far as he knew, his real name was Talladega. He was released after a week but wasn't the same.

Talladega believes that he is god's gift to women and the smoothest man on the planet. But, TC also is delusional and sometimes see things that aren't there and will talk to imaginary people. He is normally very laid back but can snap and change personality at any time. That's when his natural wrestling ability shines through. Some people throw the word "crazy" around when talking about Talladega but he doesn't like that too much.

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