D'Rock in the ring.

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D'Rock in the ring.

Post  D''rock on Fri Oct 31, 2008 5:06 am

(The lights in the building are black and a red spot light is in the middle of the ring. with D'Rock sitting in the chair and mickey the rat in his cage beside D'Rock.)

D"Rock:"Well last week I should every one of what I am albe to do in this bizzness. But next time I show more blood on my next oppent.......or les high Voltege or what ever his name is. Now since I brought his name up. I have some thing to say to you volt.....if I can call you that?

(D'Rock gets up and grabs mickey and give mikey away to a safer area at ring side. and sits back on the chair.)

Well Volt I be giving you a chance and if you want to hurt more pain then you ready are. and come out here and fight me one more time and get you're head cracked open. So What are you waiting for? come out and play? And I won't leave till you come out.

(D'Rock waits)

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