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Post  High Voltage on Thu Oct 23, 2008 5:48 am

Superstar Name: High Voltage

Nickname: "The Electrifying Entertainer"

Superstar Type: Speed

Superstar Height: 6'0

Superstar Weight: 190 lbs.

Superstar Age: 22

Face/Heel/Tweener: Face

Superstar Attitude: A gangsta that believes respect is the most important thing, and is always loyal.

Entrance Song: "High Voltage Remix" by Linkin Park

Superstar's History:

High Voltage is a white kid that grew up on the streets. He was born and raised in Hells Kitchen, New York where kids learn how to fight before they learn the alphabet. Constantly attacked and ridiculed because of the fact that he's italian and irish. Being an outcast only taught him to go all out and make close friends that you can always count on. His mother and father were both accidentally killed during a gang drive-by shooting when he was 12 years old, throwing him into a whirlwind of foster homes. When he turned 18 he used some of the money from his parents' wills to move out on his own and begin working out and training everyday. He wanted national respect and the only option he had left was professional wrestling. Now two years a veteran, he won't stop until he gets the championship belt he deserves.
High Voltage

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