Lateau speaks on his first experience of XEW

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Lateau speaks on his first experience of XEW

Post  Lateau on Fri Oct 31, 2008 2:24 pm

Monica: At this time I would like to call the current Free Agent, Lateau, to the ring.

*Shut your mouth by Garbage is played over the speakers as Lateau enters the ring from the crowd. Lateau sits in his chair sipping on his orange juice*

Monica: So Lateau, you managed a first victory in XEW last thursday night. How does it feel?

*The crowd seem unsure how to react. Lateau stops sipping and grins*

Lateau: Was there ever any doubt? Lateau guaranteed that 'The Electrifying One' would walk away from the match with the victory and what happened? Depth Charge. 1-2-3.

Monica: So you did. So what is next? Last time we spoke you stated that you were still a free agent. Are you planning now on committing yourself to the most exciting roster in TWG..... Xstream Entertainment?!

*Lateau turns to the crowd. The fans start cheering and chanting XEW*

Lateau: Well, the 'Thursday Night Delight's' price has just gone up. Lateau will have some discussions with The Silent Knight. Until then remember one thing only...Tropic Thunder that was not personal, that was Electrifying! Thank you, Thank you so much.

*Lateau's music hits and Lateau leaves the ring and exits through the crowd*


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