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Come On Ladies

Post  Talladega Cash on Fri Oct 31, 2008 6:54 pm

*The camera pans backstage where a confused man in an orange suit is walking around with an envelope in his hands. He sees a stage hand and proceeds to walk over to him.*

Talladega Cash: Excuse me, playa. I need to see the GM about some official GM business, ya underdig?

Stage Hand: I underwhat? Who are you? You’re not supposed to be back here. This area is off limits.

Talladega Cash: Off limits! Ladies, did you just hear this chump tell Talladega that somewhere is off limits!

Stage Hand: Ladies? Who are you talking to?

Talladega Cash: Look here. My name is Talladega Cash. Some call me the king pimp. Some call me the magnanimous one. And you’re about to call me the guy that just kicked your ass…

*Talladega pauses as if someone just whispered in his ear*

OK, baby. You’re right. I need to keep it cool. *He turns back to address the stage hand.* Look, you’re lucky that my bottom chick saved you from a foot in yo' mouth. Just point me in the direction of the GM office so I can hand him this signed contract that I have here and me and my sexy ladies can get this party started!

Stage Hand: *hesitates* Uh, just go down this hallway here and take a left.

Talladega Cash: Thank you kindly, playa. Come on girls, let’s go!

*The stage hand watches as Talladega walks down the hallway alone but continues to talk to his “ladies.”*

Stage Hand: I left college for this? Somebody needs to give me a raise…

*The stage hand turns around and bumps into a furious Tank N Spank.*

Tank N Spank: Did you take my triple bacon multi cheese extra fat burger?!

Stage Hand: *shaking* No! No, I didn’t!

Tank N Spank: If you didn’t, who did?!

*Tank N Spank picks up the nervous stage hand. The stage hand points down the hallway to an oblivious Talladega Cash.*

Stage Hand: *still shaking* Uh, uh, he had a burger when he came through here. I think he took it.

Tank N Spank: That’s all I needed to know.

*Tank N Spank drops the stage hand and heads towards the ring.*

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