Interview about my match

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Interview about my match

Post  John X on Fri Oct 31, 2008 7:23 pm

While John X, was walking on backstage, an X.E.W interviewer stopped him and asking him a few questions:

Interviewer: Hey, John X. How do you feel, about finally facing your rival, Gary "the gunner" Burnett for the 1st-Time Ever, tonight?

John X: Hey, listen.. I'm glad that tonight i'm going to get my hands on "The Gunner", and finally everyone, especially, Ashley find out that i'm the better man..

Interviewer: So, you think, you are going to be the winner?

John X: I don't think.. i'm almost sure..

Interviewer: Thank you for the interview, John..

John X: Any time..

John X, walks out of the scene..

John X

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