The English bruiser gimmick

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The English bruiser gimmick

Post  The English bruiser on Fri Oct 31, 2008 8:10 pm

Name: The English bruiser

Nickname: British Brawler

Hight: 6 foot 1

Age: 19

SuperStar Gimmick: Insane metal Rocker

About Gimmick:
Left on the streets by his mum and dad at age 5 he knows how to hang with the pimps!
But He found out that Rock was his dream and rockout the pimps the pimps did'nt like and turned on their rap and now he grudge against them. He left them and join wrestlering he trained hard and rocked out with his badly made eletric guitar and now he join here and takes revenge on everyone!
The English bruiser

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