Street Slang 101 (High Voltage Interview)

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Street Slang 101 (High Voltage Interview)

Post  High Voltage on Thu Oct 23, 2008 6:02 am

((Since we don't have a name for our fed interviewer I just wrote Monica. I'll edit it once we get that figured out. Oh, and feel free to leave comments. Let me know what you guys like or don't like, you know my writing style, writing format and what not. Thanks!))

High Voltage is shown standing in front of his locker, a towel dripping with sweat across his shoulder. Monica enters the room, a camera man a step behind her.

Monica: "High Voltage do you have a second to do an interview?"

High Voltage: "Word, jus' finished some trainin'. What's poppin' ma?"

Monica: "What's popping? What does that-you know what forget it..."

Monica adjusts her hair and faces Voltage, getting ready to start the interview. She pauses as the camera man signals that she is now live.

Monica: "We're here with High Voltage, one of the most recent signings here at Xstream Entertainment. Volt, good to have you."

High Voltage: "Fo' sho baby. Nice ta see yo fine self."

Monica: "Uhm. Was that a compliment?"

High Voltage: "Word."

Monica: "Well in that case thanks. Moving on, what do you hope to bring to XE?"

Before answering the question, Voltage shifts his towel to his other shoulder, obviously meaning business.

High Voltage: "One thing. Respect. Dats it ya digg. Respect. Nuttin mo', nuttin less."

Monica: "Respect, very interesting. How exactly do you plan on bringing this respect?"

High Voltage: "Doin' what I gotta do. Winnin' matches, 'n makin' sho ma crew is at da top."

Monica: "You mentioned a crew. Who exactly is apart of this crew?"

High Voltage: "Aint no crew jus' yet. Gotta earn yo spot in ma crew. Unless o' course you wanna spot ma. You mighty fine."

Monica blushes with Voltage's second compliment, and hesitates for a second, still flustered.

Monica: "Well, um, I'll, uh, think about it. That looks like all the time we have hear, I wish you luck here at XE, and I'm sure you'll be hearing from us again soon."

High Voltage: "True, true. Real soon I hope ma. Peace!"

High Voltage throws his towel in his locker, grabs his hat, slams his locker shut and exits the room.
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