D'Rock looking for some hurt.

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D'Rock looking for some hurt.

Post  D''rock on Sun Nov 02, 2008 11:35 pm

(camrea showing D'Rock walking around in his change room with mickey in the cage on the chair set in the middle of his change room.)

D'Rock:" Mickey we had some good matches in the past. and some Good ones right here in the land of Xstream. And we have hurt alot of people since we started wrestling in the dark deep allys in Canada. And Evry time we hurt people the more we enjoy it. (Mickey the rat sqeeks of joy.) Yes you got that right my lovable pet. More blood,More pain. And more trash. (D'Rock sits on the groumd next to mickey) Mickey. there is so much more then life. The one with out sin cast the 1st stone.

(The Camrea zoomes out and the locker door Slowly closes shut.)


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