Tank N Spank gets assaulted from behind

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Tank N Spank gets assaulted from behind

Post  Tank N Spank on Fri Nov 07, 2008 8:32 am

*Camera rolls at the parking lot looking for who have came in to the show tonight*

Then the camera spots Tank N Spank, who wawes at camera.

Sound of brakes.

Camera turns back to Tank and hes lying on the ground looking like a crimson mask.

Ambulance lights can allready be seen far away... They came to get Tank N Spank. He cant be doing well. But who did this? Who dares to assault him from behind?

Now who wants to be that assaulter guy? Some1 level 5-7 would be good. At next show you would have interwiew where you tell that you assaulted me and then we will have a match. TSK Could we get a hardcore match or something like that? cyclops
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