What did u say Mickey?

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What did u say Mickey?

Post  D''rock on Tue Nov 11, 2008 2:02 am

(Camrea shows D'Rock and Mickey in the locker room and mickey the rat is in his cage. and mickey and D''rock is arguing about mondays match)

Mickey the rat:(Sqeek!)

D'Rock:" What Did you say mickey?! Shut Up You know that AKAHANA XANDRE was to Hot touch! Did you see in her eyes? That's why I lost the match. She knew How much I love pain, and you should Know that as well. I Think I am in Love with her. (Sqeek by mickey) Yes I know I got beaten by a Girl!

SSSSHHHHHH! (D'Rock goes siglent for a few mints) Shut UP MICKEY! I Don't whant to hear it from you! Quit! HEy Do YOU WANT YOU"RE CHEESE? Then Shut Up! JUST SHUT UP! Don't Make me take you to the pet store? Or the under ground where I got you from. Do You Want that to Happend to you mickey? (SQEEK! Mickey in a loud sqeek)

Good! Now you stay there and I am going to find her locker room and ask her out.

(D'Rock limbs out of his locker room and Goes to find her locker room.)

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