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The Saint Gimmick

Post  The Saint on Fri Oct 24, 2008 11:02 pm

Superstar Name: The Saint

Superstar Class: Balanced

Superstar Height: 1m85

Superstar Weight: 90Kg

Superstar Age: 21

Face/Heel/Tweener: Face

Superstar Attitude: Respectful, Loyal and calm , like fighting in the rules. If you show disrespect , fear the revenge .

Entrance Song: " Knights of Cydonia " by Muse

Superstar's History: The Saint lost his parents during the battle between Gods and Devils when he was only a kid , he was lonely and make his way by himself . The only thing in his head his to protect people he loved and when he grows up , he discover small wings was growing on his back and some mysterious power left by his parents. From this moment , he goes to the mountain and train by himself to control this power . After few years of training , he want a new challenge and he heard about a prestigious and dangerous fight in wrestling contest . This contest is an opportunity for him to test his power , find some good fighter from over the world , make some friends , and become the number 1 .

The Saint

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