D'rock is here!

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D'rock is here!

Post  D''rock on Tue Oct 28, 2008 1:24 am

(camrea showing D'Rock in his dark with red light change room. with his pet rat mickey)

D'Rock:" Well mickey this sure has been fun here in the land of Xstream. Our Back yard of hard core. Nouthing back you and me and our black baseball bat.HUMMMMMM....... Maybe we should put some barbwire on this bad boy?

Mickey the rat:"Sqeek"

D'Rock:" No! we are not going to put on any cheese on this thing after with Barbwire! (yelling at the rat) Didn't you had any cheese in you're cage?

Mickey the rat:"Sqeek"

D'Rock"Well never mind that right now we need to find some people to hurt and then maybe after that we go look for some Cheese.

(D'rock put mickey in his cage and then gets up from the concer and walks out the door.)

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