xXNeMeSiSXx...the god of divine intervention

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xXNeMeSiSXx...the god of divine intervention

Post  xXNeMeSiSXx on Wed Oct 29, 2008 7:40 am

Age: ???
Origin: ???
Alignment: Face
Height: 6'8"
Weight: 275 pounds
Them Song: The Ecstacy Of Gold

Overall Gimmick: According to Greek Mythology, Nemesis was the god of divine intervention. He was the son of Zeus and his purpose was to exact vengenance upon those who wronged their fellow man. It was his duty to right the wrongs mankind had committed upon itself. His vengenance was swift and deadly....the mention of his name struck fear in mortal man.

So, to translate this to a wrestling gimmick, Nemesis will be portrayed as te god of divine intervention and he wll be a face. Perhaps he was lured to XEW because of the amount of greed and thirst for power the talent has. Although he will be a face, he will share no allegiance to anyone. He is portrayed as an immortal Undertaker-like being and would have no use for the assistance of a mortal. As a result, he would not be a willing tag partner or a stable mate.

If someone is being wrongly attacked, you could expect the lights to flicker and spark....along with some feedback and interference to project fro the arena speakers. The lights will go from flickering to complete darkness fr a few brief moments only to return back to full power with Nemesis now at the scene of the wrong doing. He will then take action to right the wrong and stop the attack by launching an assault of his own.

Nemesis should be portrayed as a supernatural being with amazing strength and will brutally punish his opponents with precision and power. His mood is always somber and he tends to give off an eerie vibe.

This should be enough to give an overall idea of his character to get going, but I will add moe detail in the upcoming weeks once I give things more thought.


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