I'm Not Asking, I'm Telling!

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I'm Not Asking, I'm Telling!

Post  High Voltage on Thu Oct 30, 2008 7:17 am

The Silent Knight is shown sitting as his desk, doing paperwork. He hears the intercom system sizzle, and turns to answer it.

Security Guard: "Excuse me sir, but we couldn't stop him. He's coming to your office right now. You want us to follow him?"

TSK: "No that's fine. Just make sure that his army associate doesn't crash the party."

He puts his radio down just in time for High Voltage to kick his door open.

TSK: "You didn't knock."

High Voltage throws a chair across the room and furiously storms up to the GM's desk, slamming both of his fists down on it in a rage.

High Voltage: "What is your deal homie!? Why you stringin' me around!?"

TSK: "I have no idea what you are talking about. I am scheduling you just like everyone else."

High Voltage: "Why you lyin' son!? WHY YOU LYIN'! I know what you doin'. You tryin' to soften me up. You call me out then you get your boy to call ma match a draw!"

Silent Knight gently rocks in his chair, letting out a low sigh.

High Voltage: "Nothin' to say huh chump!? Jus' what I thought. I'll tell you what homie, I'll you what. You gonna make dis up to me."

Silent Knight begins to chuckle to himself after Voltage's last remark.

High Voltage: "You think I'm funny homie? I ain't no damn comedian!"

TSK: "Make it up to you? Make what up to you? I don't owe you anything. In fact you owe me everything, I signed you, I put you in the ring, I gave you the money to buy all of you jewelry."

High Voltage rips the massive chain off of his neck and throws it at TSK.

High Voltage: "Aight than take it! I don't want ice, I don't want da green, right now I don't even want the ladies. I jus' want the heavyweight title!"

This one really gets TSK going as he begins to laugh uncontrollably. After a couple of seconds he composes himself and picks his radio.

TSK: "Security, please escort Mr. Voltage out of my office."

A moment later two large men in black suits and wearing black sunglasses enter the room not needing to open the door. They each grab High Voltage by an arm and begin to drag him out of the room.

High Voltage: "It's like this huh?! It's like this! YOU GONNA REGRET THIS YA COWARD!

After another minute High Voltage is not only out of sight but out of earshot leaving Silent Knight alone in his office. He rests his head against one hand obviously deep in thought. He than shrugs his shoulders and goes back to his paperwork like that interuption had never happened.
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