"Unidentified" Assailants

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"Unidentified" Assailants

Post  Tropic Thunder on Fri Oct 31, 2008 5:14 am

Silent Knight is shown walking through the parking lot. He is heading towards his car after another successful show has ended. He is moving pretty slow due to his physical and mental fatigue. He takes out his keys and mutters to himself.

TSK: "What am I going to do with High Voltage?"

He is about to put his car key into the keywhole went the lights begin to flicker. He pauses and looks up at them. He begins fumbling with his keys trying to get them into the keywhole with the lights obviously distracting him. A moment later the lights go out completely.

Nothing can be seen. At first, the sound of footsteps running can be heard followed by the crash of breaking glass. A few thuds are heard a second later followed by a handful of groans. After yet another few seconds the footsteps are heard again.

The lights come back on revealing the massacre that had taken place. Silent's driver side window was shattered and the door had two large dents. Silent Knight himself was laying on the floor motionless with blood and glass all over his head and on the floor around him. The camera begins to fade back when something glistens a couple feet to the right of the mix of blood and glass. The camera zooms in on the object, revealing a large diamond earing. The camera fades to black as medical personnel come rushing to aid their GM.

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