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Post  finaliser on Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:45 am

Finaliser So, so, so. Tonight I'm fighting a marine. No wait an X-Marine

Crowd: Boooooo

Finaliser: You think you can wrestle just cause you were a Marine, I don't think so. I have been taught how to fight since i was five. By my 5 time world champion father. And on his day off by my 3 time world champion grandfather. What about your family. Oh wait... You dont even know your family.


Finaliser: Now some peolple might say i have no respect, well i never get any respect. I am a third generation wrestlers who is destined to be champion. I am the future of this business and until i get the respect i deserve i will.........

Crowd gets so loud that you cant here finaliser talking. 'You Suck' 'You Suck' 'You Suck' 'You Suck'

finaliser: SHUT UP!

When suddenly...


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Post  Tropic Thunder on Tue Nov 04, 2008 7:19 pm

Flames shoot out from both sides of the ramp as "Unknown Soldier" by Breaking Benjamin begins playing. Tropic Thunder appears from inbetween the flames and slowly makes his way down to the ring where Finaliser is standing, holding a mic. He climbs onto the apron and casually goes through the opes. He steps right upto Finaliser, looks him in the eyes, then begins to slightly pace around.

Tropic Thunder: "So, your who I'm wrestling tonight. What was it? Finisher?"

Finaliser: "Finaliser! God your an-"

Tropic Thunder: "Sorry, but I didn't remember saying I was done. You had your chance to run your mouth now it's my turn."

He pauses for a second or two, looking towards the crowd.

Tropic Thunder: "Now you were saying a lot of pretty deep stuff out here. Talking about how I'm an ex-marine and how I don't know my family. Listen little boy, I'm not going to run out here ranting and raving like you expected. But what I am going to do later in the show is whoop your ass in front of all of these fans!"

He turns his back to Finaliser, pointing his hands out to the fans who are now all going crazy.

Tropic Thunder: "Oh and I almost forgot, you said you trained under your father and grandfather? Ha ha ha that is good, really that is funny. I mean three time champion this and five time champion that, what's the matter they couldn't hold the belt for a long enough time? What they had to keep winning it back after losing it?"

Again he turns to the crowd who is loving every single one of the words he his trashing his soon-to-be opponent with.

Tropic Thunder: "But that's not my real point. The main reason that I came out here was to tell you one thing.

Thunder turns and gets right into Finaliser's face becoming very serious.

Tropic Thunder: "You will"

Immediately he drops the mic, and turns around making his way towards the exit. "Unknown Soldier" by Breaking Benjamin comes on again as he makes his way back up the ramp. The fans can be heard screaming Tropic Thunder's signature line, "Semper Fi".

Tropic Thunder

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