The Beat Goes On

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The Beat Goes On

Post  Lateau on Tue Nov 04, 2008 11:53 pm

*Lateau is sitting in his locker room sipping on an Orange Juice when Monica comes in with a microphone. Lateau looks up and grins*

Lateau: Monica, you don't don't write..where's the love?

Monica: Um... *blushes*

Lateau: It's okay you can get the words out Lateau senses you wanted to ask about how it feels to be the latest Superstar in XEW today? Well Lateau feels...not much really. So far Lateau has beaten one jerky and beat down his partner. Whatever is to come they will never trouble Lateau for that.

Monica: Well it is true that you have had a good start. But is the hype about to end?

Lateau: You forget one thing Monica, the Thursday Night Delight will always do two things...One is overcome the odds...Two...

*The Camera Fades to Black with Lateau grinning*


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