In the Backstage lounge with The Saint

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In the Backstage lounge with The Saint

Post  The Saint on Fri Oct 31, 2008 5:57 pm

The next day after the Thursday Xstream Showdown, like every day The Saint go to the stadium to get his training.
He parks his Ferrari, and makes his way to his locker room.
Before beginning his special training, he goes to take a coffee to the coffee machine in the backstage lounge. And met Monica reporter of XEW and start a short conversation.

The Saint: Hey Monica, you are lovely today Cool

Monica: Thanks, What’s up? Great match yesterday, you did well.

The Saint: It was ok, still a little bit disappointed to have a draw but it could be worst.

I think no one bet on me for this match but this draw is a good result finally. This strange Spanish guy was disturbing, during the match I didn’t understand what he said , didn't know if he was angry or happy ha-ha funny. Laughing
But this guy was very strong and resistant , I follow many attacks on him , performing many moves but this guy felt nothing like a rock, it was quite annoying and when he attack me, it hurts and give me lot of damage . At the end , I feel some weakness on him, I try to resist and want to do my special finisher but the referee stops the match and declares a draw. For sure, I prefered to won this match but I didn’t loose too , it's the most important.

Monica takes her notebook and write The Saint's impression .

Monica:I see thanks for your comment, you still have no defeat in XEW since you join this fed , how you feel about it ?

The Saint : Sure I’m happy , but this only my second match, it gives me more trust on me , on my abilities of wrestler and to compare with the others guys in the fed..

While drinking he's coffee, The Saint looking at the event board and saw his next opponent Kenny Pain for the Monday show.

The Saint: Wow a difficult opponent again, the boss don’t let me breathe.... I have 4 days to rest and train, it's enough, I will be on top to fight this Kenny pain. This time no draws, I will let explode all my power, and I will give him no chance. Let’s see who will get the Pain haha . Twisted Evil

Monica : you look determined. I don't bother you anymore, wish you good luck and a good training

The Saint : Thanks Monica see you later . Have a nice week end.

The Saint throw his cup in the trash bin and leaves the lounge and go to his locker room.

The Saint

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Re: In the Backstage lounge with The Saint

Post  GrafKoks on Sun Nov 02, 2008 2:36 am

can i have one vodka martini? shaken not stirt!


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