The Electrifying One

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The Electrifying One

Post  Lateau on Sat Nov 08, 2008 2:10 pm

*The camera shows Monica knocking on Lateau's door with a microphone in hand*

Lateau: Come right on in

*Monica enters finding Lateau sitting only dressed in a towel nonchalantly sipping on a box of orange juice*

Lateau: Long time no see, are you here to get another slice of the Thursday Night Delight?

*Monica blushes but presses ahead*

Monica: Lateau you have had three bouts now in XEW and remain undefeated. The fans are unsure of you and your intentions and some are questioning the amount of money that our GM spent bringing you in ar..

*Lateau cuts Monica off with a grin and takes the microphone*

Lateau: The fans are unsure of Lateau...the fans don't know if Lateau is worth the extremely reasonable money that he is being paid? Well sometimes you have to pay a little more for a slice of greatness. Lateau has faced someone now that should have destroyed him...but yet Lateau was not bowed. That shows heart. Now High Voltage wants another piece of Lateau, to try and get some sense of revenge and well being. But this is not therapy kids, and High Voltage is in for a shock..

*The camera fades to black with Lateau grining*


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