Voltage Answers The Call

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Voltage Answers The Call

Post  High Voltage on Tue Oct 28, 2008 5:12 am

High Voltage is backstage obviously angered after his loss. He is pacing back and forth and muttering vulgarities under his breath. He walks over to the camera crew and rips a mic out of one of their hands.

High Voltage: "You wanna step up Silent Knight? You frontin' saying I'm all cocky! You don't know me son! You don't know me!"

He pauses for a second, takes a couple of deep breathes and continues.

High Voltage: "But you know what? It ain't nothin'. Cause everybody gets theirs ya dig? I'll fight any chump you wanna throw at me. Me and my dawg Trop are gonna run this joint now. Trop come here fo' one sec, gotta tell you somethin'.

Tropic Thunder walks up to Voltage and the two begin to whisper something back and forth. The only thing that could be heard from the conversation, was High Voltage saying "You do something fo' me, I'll do something fo' you, ya dig?". The two exchange some strange sort of handshake and Tropic Thunder exits to the left.

High Voltage: "Word. So one last thing befo' I be out. Silent, you bes' be watchin' yo back. Bad things happen to peeps dat call me out ya dig? Just watch yo'self. Peace!"

And with that Voltage drops the mic turns and leaves.
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