Interview w/ Talladega

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Interview w/ Talladega

Post  Talladega Cash on Tue Nov 04, 2008 7:40 am

The camera pans backstage where Monica is waiting with Talladega Cash.

Monica: I’m here with one of the newest XEW superstars, Talladega Cash. Talladega, it was nice of you to grant us this time.

Talladega: No, it is I that is honored to be in your presence, sweet thing.

*confused at how to react* Um, well how did it feel to lose your debut match last week?

Talladega: Lose? Talladega never loses! Tell her, ladies!

Talladega pauses. Monica looks around for the camera crew to tell her what to do next.

My sentiments exactly. Thanks, ladies. But, what may or may not have happened last week is not what this interview is about.

Monica: Yes, you have an opportunity to redeem… err, um… you have a match tonight against SneakyDude.

Talladega: Yeah, yeah. Why do you always have to bring up work, baby? I will diss and dismiss that chump. No problem. But, after the match, what are you doing tonight?

*noticeable uncomfortable* Um, I… don’t… know.

Talladega: Well, I have an idea…

Talladega leans over and whispers in Monica’s ear. Monica looks surprised at what she’s hearing but doesn’t look offended. Talladega hears his music blast from the speakers signaling the beginning of his match.

Talladega: Hey baby, that’s my music playing. I got work to do. You think about my offer and I’ll come back for your answer after SneakyDude is taken care of. Ciao.

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